Effects of Divorce

Effects of Divorce on Our Society

Everyone is talking about breakups, divorce and hiring a divorce attorney to end up their relationships in a bad way? Is this a good sign for society, people and especially children? Obviously, no as our society is moving towards a blame game on the name of independence. Just compare the stats of today vs 50 years ago. You will see some serious increase in the ration. Couples are becoming stressed, short-tempered and irresponsible of their activities. Well, that is not acceptable for our society. Before the proper discussion about the divorce, you must know about the most common reasons for divorce too.

Let’s talk about a different case. So, suppose that you are suffering from physical abuse and even after some warnings your husband is involved in the physical abuse. These are the cases where your marriage is not worth saving and even the relation advisors recommend divorce. But ending the marriages for small and minor issues is just unbearable. Unfortunately, our society is moving towards short term relationships instead of long-term commitments. They are not willing to know the side effects of divorce on society, couples, and children.

Some Side Effects of Breakups and Divorce

Side Effects of Breakups and Divorce

  • Effect on the Children

Do you want to live with your father or mother? Asking this question from a 10-year-old child is just insane as he doesn’t have that state of mind to make the right decision at this age. Or we can say that he is not mature enough to make the right decisions in his life.

Lack of interest in studies, low education grades, mental illness, stress-related issues are seen in the children whose parents take the decision of divorce. Maybe your child wants to live with both of you. In most children, these decisions can create much anger and frustration that is dangerous for the parents and society.

The married couples who have children must think twice before taking the decision of divorce as their children can suffer a lot from this decision.

  • Effect on the Society

If one couple takes the decision of divorce without any valid reason, it is destructive for society as it will promote the trend of divorce. I have seen some people giving invalid and unappropriated reasons for divorce. Like they are bored from the relationship or they are looking for something new. Instead of breakups in these cases, you should search that how to rekindle your broken relationships. I simply mean to say that relationships should be saved instead of breakups as it is not a healthy sign for our society.




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